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WELCOME...If you are reading this, you have obviously decided to visit my website.  I would like you to know that I appreciate the time investment you are making and I trust the contents of my site are rewarding to you.  Thank You!

New Items... Everyone acts as though if you have "a website" they will come!  I am therefore interested in checking something out and I need your help.  If you visit my site ...please take a moment to click on the Contact  tab send me an email and just say "I visited."  This will help me greatly. Thanks

Just catching up  [Hard to believe 2013 has come and gone! has 2014!...and we are in the 3rd month of March 2015, Whew!.]  That's what I wrote the last time I updated this site!   Now I have to write, "Hard to believe 2015 has come and gone!...and we are in the 4th month of  2016 Whew!.]  I really should be more vigilant and diligent in updating my website!.   

I also mentioned that I wanted  to start doing some calligraphy work and start some teaching again....and it looks like that is going to happen this year.  Check the "News" Tab

It has been my observation over the years that so many lose interest in the calligraphy and lettering art relatively quickly!   Many develop an interest, take some classes, maybe even join a Society or Guild, take a workshop or two, maybe even do some small jobs and then voila....they are done.  This never happened to me and I believe it was because I decided early to do some calligraphy/lettering art everyday..."just for the sheer personal pleasure of it!"  This I believe has kept and sustained me in "my journey."  Food for thought!

Check back again and again if you can. I will make an effort to show accurately the correct update in the border banner below.

Thank you, Douglas Boyd

You may contact Doug at:



All material in this website is the creation and property of Douglas Boyd. 

As such it may not be copied by any means without the written permission of Douglas Boyd

Site updated: April 18,2016

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