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Meeting Presentation: San Diego Fellow Calligraphers "Calligraphy for sheer enjoyment"

Sat may 14th  I am giving a several hour hands-on presentation which will be open to members, friends and interested visitors.  Once again the topic will be "Calligraphy for sheer enjoyment"  All information is availabe on SDFC website:

Workshop: Farmington, New Mexico "Italic for the beginner & the experienced..."

May 18, 19, 20 & 21,2016 I will be doing a 4-day workshop in Farmington, NM.  It will introduce Italic to new students and also challenge more experienced students as well.  The format is instructional sessions 9-12 each day...Work sessions 1-4 each afternoon.  This will be held at Artifacts Gallery,  302 E. Main.  This gallery is located in the historic Farmington Lumber and Hardware Company building in historic Downtown.  The building was built in 1908 and is now home to 3 galleries, 16 Artist Studios, The Chile Store and 302 Main Espresso. Email me if you need more info or visit Artifacts website at : [This site may take a few minutes to come up, it is worth the wait] or call (505) 327-2907

Workshop: Las Cruces, New Mexico  "Doing Calligraphy for the sheer pleasure of it " 

June 4 & 5, 2016... I will be doing a 2-day workshop on "Doing Calligraphy for the sheer pleasure of it "  Picking up on what I said in my home page this workshop will redefine  "Calligraphy, Introduce the whole world of "LETTER ART" and fire up that passion to create and make ART!  As of this time I do not have more details but you can visit Southwest Calligraphy Guild or me on Facebook [] and get information.         

Still trying to thin out of my excess "Calligraphic Stuff"

Another phase of what I am going to be doing is "thinning out" the huge stash of "stuff" I have amassed over the years.  As you can imagine with being an active calligrapher and lettering artist and teacher 20 years I have lot's of extra supplies, books and calligraphic paraphernalia (don't we all!) that I must part with.  This is proving to be a harder task than I thought.  I welcome any ideas you may have.  Contact me I might have some extras of just what you need.




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