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My calligraphic teaching journey.  It is worth the read....

It all started when I had cause to find some calligraphy done for a commercial client of my design business back in 1987.  A long story short...I started taking classes in San Diego and got linked with the San Diego Fellow Calligraphers and their workshop offerings back in 1988.  As fate would have it I wound up being asked to take over and teach the San Diego Community Adult Education class taught by my first teacher Sue Ellen Benson.  This class was held once a week at Patrick Henry a local high school and I taught it for many years.

I had been taking a class at Helix High School taught by Lucille Cheng and provided by the Grossmont Community Adult Education Department.  When she decided to focus her teaching activities on her cooking I took over teaching this class.  This was also a once a week class and wound up being a teaching opportunity for many years.

The La Mesa Adult Enrichment Center or Senior Center as it was then known provided a calligraphy class using teachers from the Grossmont Community Adult Education Department.  The class was being taught by Merida Burkhart a fine local calligrapher whom I had met through the Fellow Calligraphers and whose class I was taking in Point Loma.  You guessed it, when life changed for her I was asked to assume teaching the class at the Senior Center, a once a week class. This class went initially 3 years and another stint of 3 years .

Well this story is not finished!  Being also the student as well as the teacher I started taking a class at a Grossmont Adult Center at Melody Lane due to its location in El Cajon, CA.  This class was taught also by Sally Beck whom I was told was a great teacher.   Once again, after several sessions Sally needed to relocate to the Mid West and you guessed it I was asked to take over the class.  This once a week class grew and turned into two classes: An afternoon one and an evening one and went on for many years. 

As things would be Sally was also teaching at the Poway High School through the Poway Adult School Program.  I was taking her class there and so I was asked to take over this class as evening class meeting once a week.  I taught this class for several years till it was closed. 

Well, one more time....Sid Warne, a founding member of the San Diego Fellow Calligraphers was teaching a class at the Clairemont  High School through the San Diego Community College Adult Education Program.  Sid, a great teacher was one not to be missed so you guessed it I had to be her student.  She decided to relocate to the North West after one session of my attending!  Being all ready a teacher in the SDCC system I was asked to teach Sid's class.  This turned into another lengthy teaching opportunity .  Calligraphy has always had some peaks and valleys as to interest and as the interest waned this class was closed by the district to make way for State subsidized class.

All along my teaching expanded to  teaching and instruction for many including:

   Guilds and Societies:

        San Diego Fellow Calligraphers

        North County Calligraphy Guild.

        Orange County Society for Calligraphy, a regional group of the Society for Calligraphy, Los Angeles.

        SOLAR South Los Angeles Regional), a regional group of the Society for Calligraphy, Los Angeles.

        Southern Arizona Scribes of Tucson, AZ.

        Escribiente, The calligraphy group of Albuquerque, NM.

        Pen Crafters Guild of El Paso, TX

        Southwest Calligraphy Guild, a group of calligraphers from Las Cruces, NM and El Paso, TX.

        Sooners Scribes Calligraphy Guild, Oklahoma City, OK

        Calligraphy Guild of Oklahoma, a group of calligraphers in Tulsa, OK

        Houston Calligraphy Guild. TX.

        Summit Scribes, a group of calligraphers in Colorado Springs,CO

        Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society, PA.

    Calligraphy Events:

        Literally Letters, a two week calligraphy educational event held at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM, held each summer.

        Craft and Stamping Stores in San Diego, CA; Sedona, AZ; and Tucson, AZ.

        Southwest College Summer Program, a two week Art program for 5th- 8th Graders.

        University of California at San Diego, Extension Program

    Educational Programs:

       San Diego Community College Adult Education

       Grossmont Community College  Adult Education

       Poway Adult School Program.



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