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Calligraphy Engagement Calendars

Back in 1988 when I was getting into calligraphy there was already a wonderful resource.

It came in the form of some great little publications called "The Calligrapher's Engagement Calendar".  These were books usually spiral bound approximately 9" X 7" and contained the artwork of world-wide calligraphers.  They each had a theme and the submitted artwork had to reflect that theme.  Usually about 52-54 pieces were selected, from in many case thousands submitted.  The covers, title page, end papers, colophon and contributor's list were the work of commissioned calligraphers. We all tried to collect them.

Needless to  say I have my own set and have some extras which I would like to make available. 

The editions I have for sale are....

    Year    Theme

    1981    Music

    1983    Renaissance

    1884    Food and Drink

    1985    Nature

    1986    Magic

    1987    Love

    1988    Children & Childhood

    1990    Travel

    1991    Performing Arts

    1992    Exploration & Discovery

    1993    Sports & Games

    1994    Communication

    1995    Poetry

    1996    Color

    2001    Animals

Cost: $7.50 each

(Payment arrangements would have to be made since I am not set up now to take credit cards)

(Shipping is extra and will depend on how many are shipped)

Here's a great chance to make a wonderful addition to your resource library.



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